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From its construction onwards the office complex located 560-562, rue de Neudorf was occupied by two major tenants, Deloitte and Nordea Bank. When SQUARE METER started working on the premises mid of 2018, it was obvious, that putting the property, constructed between 2002 and 2005, back on the rental market, would be a great challenge.
The first step of the mission was to negotiate the exits of both tenants as Deloitte planned to leave mid of 2019 and Nordea Bank step by step to empty the last space at the beginning of 2021.
At the same time a new strategy had to be prepared and implemented: as it was not certain to find again large tenants, the divisibility of the office complex was analysed to create a multi-tenant-building, that would meet easier the requirements of the real estate market.
Part of the multi-tenant-concept was to provide services on the street levels of the office complex, to link both blocks that were separated before and to open the building to external people as well.
The plan could be successfully implemented, while the office complex got a new branding and identity. The result is as follows:
The office complex IKAROS 2.0 consisting of two buildings Artemis and Apollo, providing together approx. 25,000 m² of office space, approx. 5,000 m² of archives and approx. 800 interior parking spaces, was transformed to be able to accommodate companies of all sizes.
The three bright entrance areas of both buildings are accessible from rue de Neudorf. Each entrance has a different address.
The street levels of both blocks are linked by a brand-new wooden staircase and provide services to the tenants as well as to outside visitors. The idea was to create an environment in the style of a mini-galleria offering a restaurant, a sandwich shop with coffee bar, a child care, a concierge service, a reception area with meeting rooms, etc.
IKAROS 2.0 benefits from high quality technical equipment and complies with the latest standards. It provides flexible, efficient, and comfortable surfaces for occupants. The offices are equipped with modern technical equipment such as cooled ceilings, raised floors, ventilation, and external blinds.
The construction and fitting out works are near their completion.2
In the next step SQUARE METER mandated three real estate agencies, REALCORP, INOWAI and JLL, to find new tenants. Amongst these REALCORP was particularly active by introducing 4 of the 7 tenants, that rent spaces in the office complex today.
Many thanks to all the brokers for this good collaboration!


The office complex IKAROS 2.0 is now ready for its second lifecycle: SQUARE METER is really happy to announce that the last available areas (945 m²) have been rented recently and that the office complex having a size of approx. 25,000 m² is now fully occupied.
The last available spaces were rented by the Luxembourg State. Three different entities of the Luxembourg State have chosen the IKAROS 2.0 to run their activities successfully: the first is “Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat” (CTIE), the second is “Administration des contributions directes” (ACD) and the third is “Maison de l’économie
sociale et de l’innovation sociale” (MESIS).
With the three entities, the State occupies an area of approximately 18,000 m² spread over the two buildings Artemis and Apollo. The high quality and flexibility, the large number of parking spaces and the different services installed on the street levels of the complex have contributed to the decision for this site.


Since the beginning of the marketing of the property five other companies have chosen to settle down here:


ARAMARK is an International Group that has been active in Luxembourg since 2005 to offer qualitative business dining experiences to business and industries clients. ARAMARK Luxembourg moved its head office to IKAROS 2.0 in 2020.3

About the Brasserie CHEZ l’ANCIEN

The Brasserie CHEZ L’ANCIEN belongs to ARAMARK, which has taken over the restaurant area with a size of 1,000 m² in the building Artemis in September 2019.
The concept of CHEZ l’ANCIEN is committed to deliver a lunch experience of freshly seasonal cooked appetizing food with “made in Luxembourg” label with a hybrid service. The restaurant is accessible to the tenants of IKAROS 2.0 as well as to external visitors.
To round off the offer, CHEZ L’ANCIEN will also open a sandwich bar. It will be located in the building Apollo on a ground floor area of approximately 300 m² and will provide customers with tasteful coffee, sandwiches, salads and other take-away formulas throughout the day. The opening of the sandwich bar is planned in the course of 2022.

About the childcare NASCHT

The NASCHT GROUP, which provides care for children from 2 months to 12 years within childcare and day care centres, has chosen an area of 550 m² in the building Apollo to open a new childcare.
The NASCHT GROUP has been active in Luxembourg since 2012 and pursues its own vision of a pedagogy and professional supervision while paying great attention to the well-being of each child.
It is the 11th location of this type opened by the NASCHT GROUP in Luxembourg. Located at the back of the building, the well-equipped space is quiet and gives direct access to a large private playground. The childcare in the IKAROS 2.0 can welcome up to 70 children. The childcare welcomes children since the beginning of 2021.


REVIVA CAPITAL, present in Luxembourg since 2010, occupies 450 m² of office space on the ground floor of the building Apollo. This space is atypical as its shape is round and the free height exceeds 3.30 m.
REVIVA CAPITAL formerly rented spaces in a building in the vicinity of IKAROS 2.0. The aim was to stay in the surroundings as this area perfectly matches the expectations of the company. The move to the new spaces has taken place in December 2019.4 REVIVA CAPITAL is specialised in debt recovery and workout services for banks, specialized investment firms, liquidators and other professional investors, as well as enabling alternative
lenders to launch and operate new lending initiatives from its unique servicing platform.
REVIVA CAPITAL is regulated as a Luxembourg financial sector professional by the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority.


NORDEA occupies the IKAROS 2.0 building since 2007. As from 2019, NORDEA GROUP focused its asset management activities in Luxembourg and occupies today approximately 4,000 m² spread over two floors in the building Artemis. The refurbishment that the company undergone very much reflects its Nordic roots. A mix of wood materiel and pastel colours contributes to a creative and “hygge” working atmosphere.
The strategic location of the IKAROS 2.0 building next to the Findel Airport contributed in the creation of an international business. Nowadays, NORDEA combines the competence of more than 200 people spread across 30 nationalities, serving clients from offices all over Europe and stretching as far as Singapore.


SQUARE METER S.A. is a company offering partnerships to players already active or wishing
to become active in the real estate sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
SQUARE METER provides its clients with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the
industry enabling solutions covering the entire life cycle of real estate.
SQUARE METER has long experience in a wide range of subsectors in this industry.
The partners are owners, developers, brokers, investors and occupiers.